Research & Development

Its own drive for innovation has led Effeciemme Componenti to open both the R&D Dept and the internal Laboratory, fully equipped for mechanical tests.
R&D Dept develops products and technologies.
The process of developing a new item originates from Customer’s request or from an intuition of Effeciemme Componenti R&D Team.
The engineering is carried out through a 3D design software (Solid Works ®).
Then a structural analysis of the project is carried out with F.E.A by Ansys ®.
The further step is the production of the sample, which will be tried out in the
valve or in mock up.
On Customer request, Effeciemme Componenti can test products starting from – 196° C up to high temperatures, at any pressure setting, simulating very extreme operating conditions.
The Lab tests materials and issues certificates.
All the following tests can be carried out:
Stress and Strain; Young’s Modulus; Breaking; Stretching; Density; Hardness;
Compression strength test; Liquid penetrant test; Crack detection; Optical surface control.
Effeciemme Componenti’s test equipment:
Two electronically regulated servo-hydraulic machines to carry out controlled compression and tensile strength tests one of which working from – 180 °C to + 320 °C;
Millesimal gravity meter scale; Hydrostatic density balance; Durometer;
Digital stereo microscope; State-of-the-art profile projector; Portable UV light source.