A continous improvement process

production & technology

Tools and Equipment

Each tool is encoded and its particular use is regulated by a standard drawing-pattern. The repeatability is ensured by the fact that the operator will use the tool only and exclusively for the specific working process to which it is associated. This combination also allows a perfect traceability of the tools used in the various production processes.
To ensure further repeatability, the tools are built on our project and design by certificated external companies . Our operators can not make any changes to the tools used (not even a simple sharpening)

Technical support

Effeciemme considers of primary importance the pre and post sales technical support to be provided to the customer.
The technical support department of Effeciemme Group represents excellence of our company. Constantly available to customers, our qualified engineers are able to support both research and testing of new gaskets (the planning system in these cases is shared fully with the client) and after-sales.