Production System

production & technology

Production capacity

The use of technologically advanced equipment and specific softwares allow us to handle any type of order (small quantities or large orders).

The production system was thought to ensure maximum flexibility, without neglecting the rigorous quality procedures.

Thanks to the high level of automation, the use of the most innovative technology along with multi-level quality control during every production step, we are the ideal partner who can meet all demands of customers.


We have a warehouse designed to meet the needs of our production.

Effeciemme Group is able to meet the 82 % of urgent deadlines (2014 Effeciemme Internal Statistics) that are managed also just in time.

The incoming material is carefully checked and it is fully traceable both through batch production of our qualified suppliers and through further internal Effeciemme lot.

The IT management of all activities related to the warehouse thanks to bar code ensures immediate and reliable traceability, reducing human errors.

The materials can be supplied with certification 3.1.

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